Qigong Classes

What is “Qigong”? 
Qigong is a Chinese wellness system that uses slow fluid movements and breath control to enhance all positive systems in the body.qi 気( life energy) + gong功(practice) = qigong

Is Qigong a martial art?
No. Qigong is actually a method of self-healing, and complements any other physical form of training. Qigong is extremely gentle and relaxing, yet harmonizes and centers, creating a sense of wellness and calm by integrating the physical, mental, and emotional centers.

Who is Qigong good for?
Anyone. but especially persons with chronic physical issues, weight problems, excessive stress, depleted strength, or lack of time for self-attention. Unlike weights, yoga, or running, qigong does not force the body, yet is greatly beneficial for health and wellness.

We have Qigong Classes.
Qigong class is non-competitive and suitable for persons of all ages in any physical condition.